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Zoopz.com | Games that make you think. Educational games, puzzles, and art activities for kids.
Play is a big part of how kids learn. Zoopz makes it stimulating, challenging, creative, and fun! 
Frog Jumpin: This engaging version of Peg Solitaire leads students to discover patterns & sub-goals.
Frog Jumping explores sequencing, patterns, spacial relationships, planning, recognizable sub-goals.
Inch Worm: The first few puzzles are fun for young players, the last few challenging for adults.
Inch Worm explores spatial relationships, problem solving, planning and sequencing, appropriate sub-goals.
Galactic Journey: Careful analysis of shape and color, patience, and a gentle hand give the best scores.
Galactic Journey explores solar system (NASA photos), analysis vs. quick reflexes, strategy.
Maze Craze: These spatial puzzles require quick thinking, careful analysis, and clever strategy.
Maze Craze explores spatial relationships, analysis, planning, strategy, memory, performance under pressure.
Ink Blobs: Random shapes and colors become works of art. Users can create prints and greeting cards.
Ink Blobs explores graphic arts, shapes, colors, color combinations.
Many Dots: Dots (pixels), beads, and triangles are used to create pictures, prints, and greeting cards.
Many Dots explores graphic arts, raster (pixel) images, character fonts, shapes, colors.
Mosaic Design: Mosaic tiles, optical illusions, and marble mazes provide hours of creative fun.
Mosaic Design explores mosaics, optical illusions, mazes.